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Automatic Industrial Bell / Hooter / Siren CONTROLLER Model - IB

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Automatic Industrial Bell / Hooter / Siren CONTROLLER Model - IB

High Quality & Reliable + Easy to Install + No Expert Required + Branded Product with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty & Bill (warranty card included inside)

One Year Warranty(Warranty Card with Customer Support Numbers) WE ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY  CALL US AT +91 - 9996635607, +919416135607.
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What is in the Box:

  • Industial Bell Control Unit
  • Electronic Gong Bell

Special features:

  • 32 Character digital display to show current date, time in first row & next bell time and selcted mode in 2nd row.
  • No computers required to program or maintain ringing schedule.
  • Any electrical device like, Electric gong bell / Electronic gongbell / hooter or siren can be connected.
  • No battery required to maintain clock and stored program.  
  • It has got two models. One model with 1 mode for programming ringing schedule and other with 05 Modes of operation ( Summer, Winter, Event-1, Event-2 and Spare mode) to programe ringing schedule.
  • Any day of the week can be selected as weekly off to cover all seasons of the year and special events of organization. 30 bells per day can be programmed in each mode. This is enough to maintain three to four sifts of industry round the clock throughout the year.
  • Any date of month can be selected as monthly off.
  • Any day of week or any date of month can be made half day. 30 Bell can be programmed.
  • Second Saturday: User selectable second Saturday option.
  • Each bell can have different ringing duration
  • Time accuracy is maintained in micro seconds.

To automate the switching of Industrial Bell, Hooter, Siren this unit can be employed. System relieves the person responsible to ring these devices. Maintains ringing accurately  throughout the year.

No loss of man hours: In manual ringing, there are chances where peon rings bell few minutes before leaving of shift or few minutes late from start of shift. These few minutes if calculated for a month, amounts to loss of man hours equal to full month salary of 02 to 03 workers. This can totally avoided by using this unit.

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