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Automatic School Bell Model

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Automatic School Bell Model

High Quality & Reliable + Easy to Install + No Expert Required + Branded Product with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty & Bill (warranty card included inside)

One Year Warranty(Warranty Card with Customer Support Numbers) WE ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY  CALL US AT +91 - 9996635607, +919416135607.
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What is in the Box:

  • Automatic School Bell Control Unit
  • Electronic Gong Bell

Special features:

  • Bell Sound Depends on the ringer connected.
  • Ringer could be Electronic Gong Bell, Electric Gong Bell, Siren, Hooter etc.
  • Machine generates 220V AC output which can be connected with Electronic Gong Bell, Electric Gong Bell, Siren, Hooter or any ringer unit which runs on 220V AC.
  • Distint period wise ringing i.e. 2 strokes for 2nd period, 3 strokes for 3rd period and like wise for all the periods, long bell of 10 Seconds and short bell of 05 Seconds for school start, zero period, break and school off.
  • 05 Modes to Schedule 05 Different Time Tables 1. Summer Mode 2. Winter Mode 3. Exam Mode 4. Unit Test Mode 5. Spare Mode Single key mode selection
  • Any day of the week can be selected as weekly off.
  • Any date of month can be selected as monthly off.
  • Any day of week or any date of month can be made half day.
  • Second Saturday: User selectable second Saturday option.
  • 30 bells per day can be programmed in each mode.

  Difference between APNB & APB:

  1. APNB model system rings bell once for period No.01, Twice for period No.02 and so on. For assemble, interval and school off single shot long bell of 10 Sec will ring and for short break, zero period etc. Short Bell of 05 Sec will ring.
  2. APB Model bell rings single shot once only. User can set the ringing duration between 01 to 99 seconds.


  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • Education institutes
  • Coaching institutes
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