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Street Light / Industrail Clock Timer Model - RTC

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Street Light / Industrail Clock Timer Model - RTC

High Quality & Reliable + Easy to Install + No Expert Required + Branded Product with 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty & Bill (warranty card included inside)
One Year Warranty(Warranty Card with Customer Support Numbers) WE ARE ONLY A PHONE CALL AWAY  CALL US AT +91 - 9996635607, +919416135607.
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Special features:

  • Total Schedules: The user can program total of 60 schedules in 24 Hours.( 30 ON and 30 OFF) On Order we can manufacture with 99 ON & 99 OFF schedules.
  • Display: Simultaneous display of current time, Calendar, On and Off time.
  • Programming: Very easy, menu driven user programmable features.
  • Manual/Emergency mode: Single key press manual switching in case of emergency.
  • No battery backup required: No external battery required to maintain time and calendar.
  • Input power supply: AC 220V Single Phase 
  • Output: 220V Single Phase 50Hz AC Load Capacity: 01 KW.
  • Heavy loads: By adding external contactor or Relay load capacity can be increased to desired Levels like 10 A, 16 A, 25 A, 40 A, 100 A and so on.

Weekly Holidays: User has option to select from 0 to 2 weekly offs. Any day of week can be made as weekly off. User has option to have No weekly off, one weekly off or two weekly offs. On weekly off days system will not give the output.


Street Lights, Security Lights, Glow Sign Boards, Industrail equipments: Automatically switching on/off load at preset time. This avoids wastage of power by keeping load off during unwanted period.

CYCLIC SWITCHING ON/OFF OF AIR HANDLING UNIT/BLOWERS/PUMPS: Automatically switching on blowers, air handling units and pumps etc. at set intervals and switching off after user desired interval. This will relieve a person who has to make sure switching on/off cycle.

PRE OPERATION PREPAREDNESS OF INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENTS: This timer can be used to put on any industrial device at pre-set time, to make the system ready for operation before operator attends it. Example- preheating of ovens, furnaces. Switching on boilers / air compressors so that steam / air pressure is at required level before workers arrival. Switching Air conditioners and other electrical equipment. 

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