Your Fingerprint Is Your Key

Your Fingerprint Is Your Key

Fingerprint Padlock Is Smarter and Safer

Secureye S-PL100 fingerprint padlock redefines security with its smart and safe design. Utilizing biometric technology, it grants access only to authorized fingerprints, eliminating the risks associated with traditional keys or codes. Rapid and precise authentication, anti-spoofing measures, and the convenience of shared access make it a robust and user-friendly solution. With some models offering remote connectivity to smartphones, this padlock not only ensures top-notch security but also adds a layer of modern intelligence to safeguard valuables and spaces.

Versatile Security for Every Space

Secureye's Fingerprint Padlock S-PL100 is a versatile security solution suitable for lockers, warehouses, trucks, containers, house doors, and garages.This versatile device employs advanced biometric technology, ensuring precise and secure access. Its adaptability and reliability make it the perfect choice for safeguarding valuables and spaces.

IP65 Waterproof

  • Unparalleled Durability: IP65 Waterproof function ensures robust durability in diverse environments.

  • Resistant to Water and Dust: The padlock is designed to resist water and dust, making it ideal for outdoor use.

  • Securing Varied Spaces: Suitable for securing lockers, warehouses, and more, offering versatile security solutions.

  • Enhanced Reliability: Weather-resistant design boosts reliability, ensuring optimal performance in challenging conditions.

  • Ideal for Outdoors: Perfect for securing outdoor assets, providing dependable security in various weather conditions.

 Seamless Security

 Mobile Tap Unlock Feature 

Simply unlock the padlock using your mobile phone, adding convenience and control. This advanced feature ensures secure access with a simple tap, elevating the user experience with cutting-edge technology.

Key-Free, Password-Free

Our padlock eliminates the need for keys and passwords – a simple touch instantly unlocks with your fingerprint. Enjoy swift and secure access, making every interaction effortless and key-free. Your fingerprint is the key to seamless security.

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