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Navkar Systems

Industrial Electronic Hooter 1.5 Km Sound

Industrial Electronic Hooter 1.5 Km Sound

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Navkar Systems Industrial Electronic Hooter 1.5 KM Sound" is a powerful auditory alert solution designed for industrial environments. With a sound range of up to 1 kilometer and Works on 220V, it ensures widespread coverage for urgent notifications. Ideal for factories, construction sites, and large facilities, this hooter delivers a high-decibel sound signal, effectively conveying critical information to a wide area. Elevate your safety measures with this industrial hooter, providing a robust auditory signal for emergencies, announcements, and alerts, enhancing communication and operational awareness in challenging work settings.


  1. Factory and Manufacturing Plants: Signals shift changes, breaks, or emergency situations to workers across a large production area.
  2. Construction Sites: Alerts workers about hazardous conditions, machinery operations, or site-wide announcements.
  3. Warehouses: Notifies employees about incoming shipments, order pickups, or other operational activities.
  4. Ports and Docks: Communicates loading and unloading times for vessels, ensuring efficient cargo handling.
  5. Large Events or Gatherings: Provides announcements or emergency alerts in open-air venues, ensuring attendees receive important information.
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