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GG Bracket for EM Lock (Electromagnet) 600 Lbs for Toughened Glass Door

GG Bracket for EM Lock (Electromagnet) 600 Lbs for Toughened Glass Door

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"GG Bracket" is an essential accessory designed to enhance the effectiveness of electromagnetic locks within access control systems. Installed on the door frame, this bracket offers a stable and secure platform for attaching the lock's armature plate. Its design ensures a dependable connection, contributing to the lock's optimal performance and security. The "GG Bracket" is a crucial component in creating a comprehensive access control solution suitable for various applications, ensuring robust security measures and reliable access management for controlled environments.


  • Suitable for EM Locks of any make 600 lbs
  • The seamless finish and optimum Strength.
  • Highly Durable Aluminium metal made brackets.
  • Abrasion resistance.
  • Suitable for fully frameless Glass Door.
  • Opening mode: In/Out-swing Door.
  • Door Opening Angle Mode: 90 Degree Door.
  • Net Weight 0.600 Kg.


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