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NavKar System Mix Note Value Counting Machine

NavKar System Mix Note Value Counting Machine

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"NavKar Systems Mix Note Value Counting Machine" is a high-performance solution for efficient currency management. Designed for businesses, banks, and retail environments, it accurately counts and identifies different denominations of mixed currency notes. With advanced technology, it streamlines cash handling processes, minimizing errors and saving time. Elevate your currency management with this machine, offering reliable note counting and denomination detection, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy in various financial settings.


  • Automatic start, stop, and clear.
  • With Batch, Add and Self- Checking functions.
  • UV, MG, IR and MT counterfeit detection.
  • Automatic half-note, chained note detecting.
  • Double-note detecting detecting with IR.

Details: Counting speed: 1000 pcs/min 2. Counting capacity: 200 notes 3. Size of countable note: 50x110-90x190 mm 4. Power Supply: AC220V+_10%50Hz 5. Power Consumption: <80 watt Easy, quick, hassle free counting of notes. Shows both total value of mix notes inserted and number of notes of each denomination. This machine will count notes with 99.% accuracy. Also features UV, MG, IR Technology for detection of fake notes or currency. This currency counter is ready for new 200, 500 and 2000 notes as well as pre- 2005 currencies. NavKar System is a solution for your counting and detection needs. With Auto Scan Technology it can also detect fake notes automatically. The NavKar System has an in-built dust collecting mechanism for easy maintenance and longer life. Counting speed is 1000 notes in 1 minute and weight of the product is 6.8 kilograms. 

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