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NavKar Systems

Audio Door Phone with 3rd Party Support

Audio Door Phone with 3rd Party Support

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"NavKar Systems Audio Door Phone" offers reliable security with its audio communication system. Ideal for homes and businesses, it enables real-time communication with visitors at the door, enhancing access control. Its audio feature ensures easy interaction before granting access, contributing to security. Elevate your security measures with the "NavKar Systems Audio Door Phone," a practical solution that provides efficient communication and access management for added safety and convenience in diverse settings.


  1. High quality sound transmission between 2 units.
  2. Can be connected directly to the electric lock without the need of a power supply.
  3. Very easy to install.
  4. Indoor unit can be mounted on wall or laid on the table.
  5. Operating range: Max. 200m.
  6. Aesthetic design to go with your home's décor.
  7. Outer unit made of ABS plastic for long durability.
  8. Two -way Intercom Door phone system on 2 wires.
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