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Smart Electronic Rim Lock to Operate by Remote (3 Remotes) & Mobile App Using Wifi for Metal Gate, By Tuya Smart Life Mobile App

Smart Electronic Rim Lock to Operate by Remote (3 Remotes) & Mobile App Using Wifi for Metal Gate, By Tuya Smart Life Mobile App

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Navkar Systems Electronic Lock with 3 Remotes and WiFi Power Supply (to Operate The Lock Using WiFi through Mobile App from Anywhere in the world.)

This is the complete solution to Operate the Electronic RIM Lock using Remote, Switch & Mobile App.


Seamlessly operate the gate using both remote controls and a convenient mobile app.

Includes three remotes for easy gate access sharing among family members or caregivers.

Advanced encryption ensures secure communication between the gate lock and the mobile app, enhancing overall security.

Empowering older adults with remote-controlled lock systems for their homes offers several significant benefits:

  • Convenience and Independence: Remote-controlled lock systems allow older individuals to easily lock and unlock doors or gates without the need for physical keys. This convenience enhances their sense of independence, enabling them to manage their home security without relying on others.
  • Safety and Security: Older adults may face challenges such as reduced mobility or slower response times. With remote control access, they can quickly secure their home from potential threats or emergencies, promoting a higher level of safety.
  • People living on 1st Floor & Above, they can't come to open the gate everytime

Addon Options also available 

  • Additional Remotes
  • Wifi Video Door Bell for Covered Gates
  • Wifi Video Door Bell for Outdoor Gates
  • Wifi Door Sensor, helps you know if the door is left Open or Closed
  • Biometric Card Pin Access for Open / Covered areas as per requirement
  • Installation in Selected Cities Only

Smart Secure Access: Electronic Lock Demo

Wiring Diagram for Connection


Upgrade Your Security 

•Enhanced Security: Replace traditional and long lever locks with our advanced system for superior home security.

Invisible Presence from Outside: Intruders remain unaware of your presence, safeguarding your home from prying eyes.

Smart Deterrence: Deter thieves with our innovative lock system, making them think twice before attempting a break-in

24/7 Protection: Benefit from round-the-clock security, keeping your home safeguarded at all times, day or night.


•Remote Access: Open or lock your door from anywhere in the world using your smartphone

•Easy Family Access: No need for distribution physical keys, grant access to family members instantly via their smartphones

Perfect for Rental Homes:  Ideal for rental properties, grant easy and secure access  for new tenants and revoke anytime.
Power Consumption: Lock operates with cutting-edge technology, ensuring maximum efficiency and minimal power consumption.

How To Troubleshooting

Issue: Remote Control Not Working

  • Solution: Check remote batteries and replace if necessary.

Issue: Mobile App Connectivity Problems

  • Solution: Verify that your smartphone has a stable internet connection. Restart the app, and if the issue persists, check for app updates or reinstall the app

Issue: Lock Not Responding to Commands

  • Solution: Check for loose or damaged wiring connections and greasing of lock . If all seems well, reset the system according to the user manual.


•Before installation always on inching setting through Mobile app

•Power supply install under covered area

•Do not provide direct current

Enhancing Event Accessibility

By utilizing the deadlock feature within Party Mode, you are enhancing the convenience of your electronic lock system, a deadlock in an electronic lock occurs when the lock is unable to operate or respond to any remote control or mobile app commands.

Universal Compatibility

Seamless access for all doors, whether metal or wooden (open or covered area), swinging left or right, inside or outside, making it the ideal choice for every gate.

Versatile Compatibility With VDP 

Our Electronic Lock operable via 3 Remotes and Mobile App, seamlessly integrates with Hikvision, Secureye, CP Plus, Panasonic and all brands VDP

Warranty Terms 

  • 1 Year Offsite Warranty
  • Lock Coil Not Under Warranty (But easily changeable)
  • To Claim Warranty, Please Freely Contact us, you have to send the faulty product so to us and we will get it repaired.

Step by Step Guide for Installation of Smart Door Lock 

 Who Can Install

  • You can arrange a local welder (for metal gate) and carpenter (for wooden door) and show them the videos and ask them to do the installation
  • Call your local electrician for the wiring and you are done. 

Who Can Provide Support

Our dedicated support team is readily available to assist you every step of the way. Whether you have questions about installation, troubleshooting, or maximizing the benefits of the electronic lock system, our experts are here to provide guidance and solutions. To get in touch with our support team, please feel free to call us at :- 94161 35607, 99966 35607

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