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Perimeter Boundary Security Intrusion Alarm Security System Using Beam Sensor

Perimeter Boundary Security Intrusion Alarm Security System Using Beam Sensor

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  • To Secure your Boundary Walls or Open Boundaries from Intrusion
  • This Kit Includes 1 Security System with GSM Autodialer Inbuilt (Siren, Adapter, 2 Nos Remotes included), 1 Pair of Beam Sensor (Transmitter & Receiver), & 2 Nos Extra Adapters for Beam Sensors & has 1 Year Warranty of Security Alarm Panel Main Kit.
  • Detector pair: No. of Beams- 2, Distance between beams- The Beams can be mounted up to 100 meters apart, Time adjustment for pass blocking (have influence on detection sensitivity- User selectable digital processing programmable time
  • Alarm Output - YES –Contact NO/NC Type WORKING VOLTAGE - DC 10.5-30V DC, Working temperature- - 30° + 50° C
  • Weight- 0.6 kG (without adapter), RF-Detector pair With Power: Detector With Power model With additional RF transmitter module in receiver beam , for connectivity with security systems or wireless alarm/hooter- 315/433 mhz ,pls. confirm for available stock before ordering this variant, Clock Adjustment- Support time is automatically updated

Part Number: NS-Dual-Beam-Security

Details: We offer you an innovative wireless infrared beam perimeter alarm system that runs on battery/power adapter (10.5V-30V DC) and can be used for your water pool, garden or your house area protection. It will warn you about intruder before he can reach and damage your property. There is no need for cable-laying trench or connecting wires by schematic diagram. Our innovative technology makes it possible to use regular dry battery for infrared beam detector powering .It is much more reliable than solar powered systems because there is no need to clean solar panel from dust or worry about the sunlight presence, and there is also no need to worry about rechargeable battery at the cold weather. This system is wireless and, therefore, no cable-lying trench is required and the sensors can be installed in a matter of minutes. If it will be necessary, you can relocate sensors wherever you want at any time. It really is that easy… and because there are no cables to run, it works out extremely cost-effective. An extremely high degree of immunity to false alarm is provided by the sophisticated dual-beam sensors. We use a processor for detect how long the beams is absent and how many beams are missed. The processor also controls battery level and sends alarm to the control panel when it the level is low.

Package Dimensions: 7.5 x 7.3 x 7.1 inches

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