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Realtime RS9n Biometric Attendance Machine

Realtime RS9n Biometric Attendance Machine

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Realtime RS9n Biometric Attendance Machine represents an advanced solution, offering efficiency and precision in attendance management, Utilizing advanced biometric technology, it allows employees to record attendance through fingerprint recognition. Its user-friendly interface and robust design ensure hassle-free operation. With its reliable data storage capabilities, it offers a secure way to manage attendance records. Suitable for various organizations, this machine enhances productivity, eliminates manual attendance tracking, and provides a streamlined attendance management system.

Specifications :-

» Fingerprint Users 1,000

» Card User 1,000

» Password User 1,000

» Attendance Records 100,000

» Fingerprint Verification Mode 1:1, 1:N

» Working Mode Offline & Online

» Verification Fingerprint, ID Card, Password

» Screen 2.4 inches (Color Display)

» Language Multi Language Support

» Communication Ethernet, USB Disk

» Power Supply 12V DC

» Idle Current 400mA

» Working Current 500mA

» Sound Indicator Buzzer, Voice


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