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Navkar Systems

Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector High Sensitive Smoke Alarm Sensor

Wired Photoelectric Smoke Detector High Sensitive Smoke Alarm Sensor

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NAVKAR SYSTEMS Smoke Detector, designed to collaborate seamlessly with an alarm host. This wired infrared photoelectric smoke sensor is an essential component for fire detection. It signals a fire alarm system in commercial, industrial, or residential settings when it senses smoke. Upon activation, the sensor tra, factories, schools, shops, offices, and more that require fire prevention. Features: Advanced smoke algorithm ensures high sensitivity and no false alarms, thanks to the microprocessor chip and strong anti-interference capability. Designed to resist light, moisture, dust, and pests, utilizing ASIC technology and SMT construction for stability and durability. Upon activation, the red LED blinks, and the alarm is transmitted to the host. Comes with an automatic reset feature. Unique patented full buckle structure ensures secure installation, complete with an anti-dismantle bracket for added security and easy maintenance. Supports network output installation and features low static current for enhanced energy efficiency.


 Working voltage: DC9-24V

Alarm Current:20mA

Static Current: 2mA

Alarm indicator: Red LED Alarm

Output: NC/NO Optional Metal shield anti-RFI: 20V/m-1GHz

Coverage area:80 (space height: 6m~12m); 60 (space height: ?6m)

Operating Temperature: -10 C ~+50 C

Operating Humidity: 95%

RH Item Size: Approx. 10.4 * 10.4 * 5.6cm (L*W*H)

Item Weight: Approx. 170g / 6oz

Package Information: Package Size: Approx. 11 * 11 * 6cm 

Package Weight: Approx. 207g 

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