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Realtime T6 Time Attendance With Access Control

Realtime T6 Time Attendance With Access Control

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"REALTIME T6 TIME ATTENDANCE WITH ACCESS CONTROL" is a versatile solution designed to manage employee attendance and access control seamlessly. This system offers comprehensive features including biometric recognition, card reading, and password authentication, ensuring accurate attendance tracking and secure access management. With its user-friendly interface and advanced technology, it simplifies workforce management while enhancing security. The T6 model also supports various communication methods for data retrieval, making it a reliable choice for modern workplaces. This device streamlines attendance recording and access authorization, optimizing operational efficiency and ensuring a controlled environment.


» Fingerprint Users 2,000

» Card User 2,000

» Password User 2,000

» Attendance Records 50,000

» Fingerprint Verification Mode 1:1, 1:N

» Working Mode Offline

» Verification Fingerprint, ID Card, Password

» Screen 3 inches (Mono Display)

» Verification Time > 1.0s

» False Rejection Rate < 0.01%

» False Acceptance Rate < 0.0001%

» Fingerprint Sensor 600 dpi Optical

» Fingerprint Update Auto Adapt

» Display Language English

» Communication USB Disk/Link, TCP/IP

» Working Humidity 20%-60% 0 0 » Working Temperature 0 -50 C

» Power Supply 9V DC

» Idle Current 400mA

» Working Current 500mA

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