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Realtime T62f Face With Finger Professional Access Control

Realtime T62f Face With Finger Professional Access Control

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REALTIME T61F Face with Fingerprint Professional Access Control System is a solution designed to provide advanced security and access control. With its combination of facial recognition and fingerprint technology, this system offers a highly accurate and reliable way to manage access for authorized personnel. Its professional-grade features ensure efficient access management, while the user-friendly interface makes operation straightforward. Whether for corporate offices, industrial facilities, or other settings, the T61F system enhances security and access control with its advanced biometric capabilities.


Face Capacity 3,000
Fingerprint Capacity 10,000
Storage Capacity 200,000
Recognition ways 1:N, 1:1
Facial Recognition speed <1s
Fingerprint Recognition Speed 0 .7s
FAR < 0.0001%
FRR < 0.01%
Standard Function USB2.0 exempt drive ,TCP/IP, WIFI
OS Linux
Keyboard 4*4 keyboard
Master Chip Atmel 9G25
Alarm function Intimidation alarm, tamper alarm
Lock output NO/NC
Weigand out and in Yes
Door open button Both normal button and wireless remote control
Use distance 30-80cm


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