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"RFID Cabinet Lock" is an advanced locking solution designed for cabinets and drawers. Using RFID technology, it offers secure access control by granting entry to authorized users with RFID cards or tags. This lock enhances security and convenience in both residential and commercial settings. Its compact design ensures compatibility with various storage units, making it an essential addition to organizational systems that prioritize efficient access management and protection of valuables.


  • Electronic Cabinet Lock Kit: suitable for home cabinets, drawers, lockers, storage boxes, gyms, swimming pools, libraries, factories and offices, etc., for a wide range of uses.
  • Electronic Cabinet Lock: easy to operate, easy to install, the key can be programmed into the lock before use, can be used, can program multiple RFID cards or labels (including: 5 * RFID card,)
  • Induction Lock: Suitable for wooden cabinets-RFID cards can penetrate thicker wooden boards (up to 38mm / 1.5 inches), have a slightly lower power consumption, are easy to install, do not require drilling, and can be installed by screws only. Can be used to make duplicate keys. Ideal for cabinets, lockers, cabinets, medical carts, data racks, gun cases and safes
  • RFID Lock: With low voltage protection, an alarm will be issued, and the battery should be replaced immediately after the low voltage is prompted.
  • Multiple Unlock Modes。ONE KEY FOR MULTIPLE LOCKS - This RFID locks are programmable, and you can use one key (RFID card/fob) to unlock several cabinet locks as you want. The only thing you need to do: program the key into the locks and test it before installation.
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