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Secureye Rfid Motorised Lock S-Elcr2

Secureye Rfid Motorised Lock S-Elcr2

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"Secureye RFID Motorised Lock S-ELCR2" is an innovative security solution that seamlessly combines RFID technology with motorized locking mechanisms. Designed for both residential and commercial use, this lock offers secure access through RFID cards or tags. Its motorized operation ensures convenient remote locking and unlocking. The "Secureye RFID Motorised Lock S-ELCR2" enhances security with its advanced features, making it a vital component for modern access control systems. Elevate your security standards with this sophisticated lock, designed to provide safety, convenience, and efficient access management in diverse settings.


  • Mechanical Based Lock
  • Dual Cylinder for Key Lock
  • Suitable foe Home/Office
  • Lock Opening Mode – Remote/Key
  • Wireless Reciver for long distance
  • High Strength Matreial – SS Based.
  • Cylinder quantity:  Dual Cylinder
  • Finish: Nickel Plating
  • Extension length: 20mm of dead bolt
  • Keys: 3 pcs Brass Standard Keys
  • Working Voltage: 12VDC ± 10%
  • Working current: 350mA
  • Static Current:  25mA
  • Lock-opening delay time:  Automatically lock within 9s if not opened
  • Service life:  500,000 times
  • Locking method:  Magnetic induction
  • Surface temp:  Low temperature
  • Suitable Humidity:  0-90%(non-condensing)
  • Advantage:  Low noise, low consumption, long life
  • Holding force:  1000kg
  • Open ways from outside:  Keys, Card or Remote Controller
  • Open ways from inside:  Rotary knob or Remote Controller
  • Weight:  2.1 Kg / unit
  • Operating Temperature:  -40°C ~ 50°C
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