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Navkar Systems

Set of 10 RFID Thin Cards

Set of 10 RFID Thin Cards

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Set of 10 RFID Thin Cards" offers a comprehensive solution for access control systems. These thin and compact RFID cards are designed for easy carrying and use. With a set of 100 cards, this package provides efficient access management for various users. These cards utilize RFID technology to grant authorized access, enhancing security in commercial, residential, and institutional environments. The set ensures a reliable and convenient way to regulate entry while maintaining a slim and portable profile for users' convenience.


  • RFID Thin Card 125 KHz in good quality PVC and RF Chip
  • All cards with Unique ID.
  • No Card will be defective.
  • Thin Card Size and Thickness like a Debit or Credit Card
  • One Can be used in any number of Attendance or Access Control Devices
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