104B Epabx Intercom System

104B Epabx Intercom System

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"CCL 104B EPABX Intercom System" 1 CO and 4 Extensions is a sophisticated communication solution designed for small to medium-sized businesses. It facilitates seamless intercommunication among various extensions, enhancing internal communication efficiency. With advanced features, it ensures effective call routing, call forwarding, and conference calling capabilities. Elevate your office communication with this EPABX system, providing reliable and efficient intercom services, promoting enhanced collaboration and connectivity within your organization.


  1. Efficient Intercom Communication: Facilitates seamless communication among different extensions within the organization.
  2. Enhanced Call Routing: Offers effective call distribution and routing, ensuring calls reach the right recipient.
  3. Call Forwarding: Allows calls to be forwarded to other extensions or external numbers for improved accessibility.
  4. Conference Calling: Enables multiple users to participate in conference calls, fostering collaborative discussions.
  5. Scalability:  Suitable for small to medium-sized businesses, with the ability to accommodate future expansion and additional extensions.
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