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105B Epabx Intercom System

105B Epabx Intercom System

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"CCL 105B EPABX Intercom System 1 CO, 5 Extensions" is designed for businesses, institutions, or organizations that require enhanced internal communication and call management. With the ability to connect multiple extensions, it's suitable for environments where various departments or locations need to stay connected. This system streamlines communication, enables call routing, and promotes effective collaboration among teams. It's an ideal solution for improving overall communication efficiency and accessibility within a larger setup.


  1. Multiple Extensions: Connects one central office (CO) line with up to five extensions, fostering comprehensive communication.
  2. Effective Call Routing: Enables calls to be directed to specific extensions, ensuring efficient call distribution.
  3. Intercom Capability: Facilitates seamless communication between extensions, promoting collaboration within the organization.
  4. Call Forwarding: Allows calls to be forwarded to other extensions, ensuring calls are always attended.
  5. Enhanced Connectivity: Ideal for businesses or institutions requiring a structured and organized communication network, improving accessibility and coordination.
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