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18 Line Pax Intercom System

18 Line Pax Intercom System

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"CCL 18 Line PAX Intercom System" is a comprehensive communication solution tailored for larger setups. With the capacity to accommodate up to 18 lines, it ensures seamless communication across various departments or units. This system offers efficient call distribution, forwarding, and intercom functionality, fostering improved collaboration and accessibility. Elevate your organization's communication network with this PAX intercom system, providing a reliable infrastructure that enhances productivity and connectivity while catering to the demands of larger setups and businesses.


  1. High Line Capacity: Accommodates up to 18 lines, catering to larger communication needs.
  2. Efficient Call Management: Facilitates effective call distribution and forwarding for accurate communication.
  3. Intercom Capability: Enables seamless communication between units, promoting collaboration within the organization.
  4. Enhanced Accessibility: Provides improved accessibility and connectivity across various departments or units.
  5. Scalable Design: Ideal for larger setups, accommodating expansion needs while maintaining communication efficiency and productivity
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