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216B Epabx Intercom System

216B Epabx Intercom System

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"CCL 216B EPABX Intercom System 2 CO, 16 Extensions" is a powerful communication solution designed for businesses requiring extensive connectivity. With the capability to accommodate two central office (CO) lines and support up to sixteen extensions, it ensures seamless communication across various departments. This system offers efficient call distribution, forwarding, and intercom functionality, promoting improved collaboration and accessibility. Elevate your organization's communication with this EPABX system, providing a reliable network that enhances productivity and connectivity among teams while accommodating growth potential.


  • Call transfer to other extensions, memory dialing facility upto 48 numbers, conference between telephone main line and 2 extensions, connects to door phone (optional)
  • Internal and trunk caller line identification in both fsk and dtmf mode, flexible extension numbering (1-4 digits), incoming call ring and outgoing call can be programmed extension wise
  • Protection circuit to secure PBX from high voltages on AC mains: rj11 9 nos leads provided for easy installations
  • Day/night mode facility, plug and play PBX with compact body and robust design
  • Connects to 2 CO lines and 16 extensions, best in class hold music, call pickup from other extension, welcome message for 10 sec, busy message for 5 sec and no answer message for 5 sec
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