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432 Epabx Intercom System

432 Epabx Intercom System

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"CCL 432 EPABX Intercom System 4 CO, 32 Extensions" is a comprehensive communication solution designed to meet the connectivity needs of businesses. With the capability to accommodate four central office (CO) lines and support up to thirty-two extensions, it facilitates seamless communication across various departments. This system offers efficient call distribution, forwarding, and intercom functionality, promoting collaboration and accessibility. Elevate your organization's communication network with this EPABX system, ensuring reliable connectivity, enhanced productivity, and the flexibility to adapt to potential expansion requirements.


  1. Versatile CO Lines: Connects four central office (CO) lines for diverse communication options.
  2. Thirty-Two Extensions: Supports up to thirty-two extensions, catering to various departments or teams.
  3. Efficient Call Management: Facilitates effective call distribution and forwarding, ensuring accurate communication.
  4. Intercom Functionality: Enables seamless communication between extensions, fostering collaboration within the organization.
  5. Scalable Design: Ideal for growing businesses, accommodating expansion needs while maintaining communication efficiency and productivity.
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