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Fct-Gsm-Du Single Sim Gsm Gateway

Fct-Gsm-Du Single Sim Gsm Gateway

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"CCL FCT-GSM-DU Single SIM GSM Gateway" offers seamless communication connectivity via a single SIM card. This device acts as a bridge between GSM networks and landline systems, ensuring efficient and cost-effective communication. With its compact and user-friendly design, it can be easily integrated into various setups. The gateway provides a reliable solution for enhancing communication reach and versatility, making it ideal for homes and businesses looking to optimize their communication capabilities.


  • Works with all 2G/3G/4G Sims (except JIO)
  • Generates a normal telephone line from a GSM SIM
  • Can be connected to a PBX
  • STD Code Addition: In direct local dialing, no need to pre-fix area code
  • Caller ID generation, GSM Signal Strength indicator
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