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Electromagnetic Lock 1200 Lbs Double Leaf

Electromagnetic Lock 1200 Lbs Double Leaf

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ELECTROMAGNETIC LOCK 1200 LBS DOUBLE LEAF" is a high-performance locking solution for double-leaf doors. With an impressive holding force of 1200 pounds, it ensures secure locking in access control systems. Designed for reliability, it offers robust security and controlled access to authorized personnel. This electromagnet lock is ideal for applications demanding powerful and dependable locking mechanisms, providing enhanced protection for double-leaf door setups.


  1. 1200 lbs holding force for double-leaf doors.
  2. High-performance electromagnet lock for access control.
  3. Ensures robust security with double-leaf setups.
  4. Authorized personnel access and controlled entry.
  5. Reliable solution for applications requiring powerful door locking.
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