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NavKar Systems



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Navkar Systems 3" x 3" Plastic Door Exit Push Button 

"3" x 3" Plastic Door Exit Push Button is a compact and durable device designed for seamless integration into access control systems. Crafted from robust plastic, it features an easily identifiable exit symbol for user-friendly operation. With simple installation on various door types, this push button enhances security and facilitates convenient exits in controlled environments.

Universal Access

3" x 3" Plastic Door Exit Push Button represents the pinnacle of access control solutions, seamlessly integrating into diverse environments. Crafted from premium plastic, its durability ensures reliability across various settings. The easily recognizable exit symbol enhances user-friendliness.

GlowGuard Precision

Elevate visibility with our long green luminous strips. Strikingly vivid and fade-resistant, these strips are crafted from high-quality PC fire retardant material, ensuring durability and safety. Experience high performance and lasting brilliance, making them an ideal choice for various applications where visibility and reliability are paramount

Long Life Advantage

Unlock the enduring promise of longevity with our 'Everlasting Vitality.' Experience products designed for a lasting impact, offering sustained performance and reliability. Embrace a future where durability meets excellence.

  Solutions for Every Lock Type

Versatility at its finest! Our product is suitable for all kinds of locks, ensuring compatibility across various applications. Enjoy seamless integration and enhanced security, making it the perfect choice for your diverse locking needs.

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