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Biometric, Card, PIN Access Control Panel

Biometric, Card, PIN Access Control Panel

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Introduction :-

This series product is a new generation on multifunctional standalone access control. It adopts new ARM core 32-bit microprocessor design, which is powerful, stable and reliable. It contains reader mode and standalone access control mode etc.. It's widely applied to different occasions, such as office, residential communities, villa, bank and prison etc..

Features :-

Card Type   Read 125 KHz Card and HID Card (optional)
Keypad Characteristic  Capacitive touch keypad
Output Way Contain reader mode, the transmission format could be adjusted by user.
Access Way  Fingerprint, card, code or multiple combination methods.
Admin Card Support admin add card and admin delete card.
User Capacity 10000
Unlock Signal   NO, NC, COM output using relay
Alarm Output  Use MOS tube output to directly drive the alarm.


Technical Specifications :-

 Operating Voltage: DC12-24V Standby Current: ≤60mA
Operating Current: ≤100mA Operating Temperature: 40℃-60℃
Operating Humidity: 0%-95% Access ways: Fingerprint, card, code, mobile phone app


Installation :- 

  • Remove the back cover form the keypad using the supplied special screw drive
  • Drill 2 holes on the wall for the self-tapping screw and 1 hole for the cable
  • Put the supplied rubber bungs to into the two holes
  • Fix the back cover firmly on the wall with 2 self tapping screws
  • Thread the cable through the cable hole
  • Attached the keypad to the back cover
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