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NavKar Systems

220v Remote Kit With 2 Remotes

220v Remote Kit With 2 Remotes

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"Navkar Systems 22V Remote Kit with 2 Remotes" offers convenient remote control access for various applications. Designed for gates, doors, or appliances, it allows wireless operation from a distance. This kit includes two remotes for versatile usage. With its 22V power supply, it ensures reliable and consistent performance. Elevate your convenience and control with this remote kit, providing seamless operation of your gates, doors, or devices, enhancing accessibility and ease of use in different settings.


  1. Wireless Convenience: Enables remote control operation for gates, doors, or appliances from a distance.
  2. Dual Remote Inclusion: Comes with two remotes, providing multiple users with access.
  3. Versatile Application: Suitable for gates, doors, or various appliances, enhancing remote control convenience.
  4. Stable Power Supply: Operates with a reliable 22V power source for consistent performance.
  5. Enhanced Accessibility: Offers seamless operation and control, making it easy to manage different devices remotely in diverse settings.


  1. Gate Control: Used to remotely open and close gates, enhancing security and convenience for homeowners.
  2. Garage Door Operation: Provides wireless access to garage doors, allowing users to open and close them from a distance.
  3. Appliance Activation: Enables remote activation of appliances such as lights, fans, or heating systems for added convenience.
  4. Entry Access: Used as a remote keyless entry system for doors, granting access without the need for physical keys.
  5. Industrial Applications: Applied in factories or warehouses to remotely control machinery or equipment, enhancing operational efficiency.
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