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Navkar Systems

NavKar Systems Automatic School Bell Controller

NavKar Systems Automatic School Bell Controller

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"NavKar Systems Automatic School Bell Controller" is a smart solution for automated bell ringing in educational institutions. Designed for schools and colleges, it enables scheduled bell ringing at preset intervals, eliminating manual intervention. With user-friendly programming, it ensures precise timing for class changes, breaks, and other activities. Elevate your school's time management with this controller, providing efficient and automated bell alerts, enhancing the organization of daily routines and activities for students and teachers.


  1. Scheduled Bell Ringing: Enables automated bell alerts at preset intervals, streamlining class changes and breaks.
  2. Precise Timing: Ensures accurate time management for various school activities and routines.
  3. User-Friendly Programming: Easy setup and customization of bell schedules for different days and periods.
  4. Eliminates Manual Operation: Removes the need for manual bell ringing, reducing administrative workload.
  5. Enhances School Organization: Promotes efficient coordination of classes, breaks, and other activities, optimizing the school's daily operations.
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