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Navkar Systems

Dual Beam Ir Intruder Detector Burglar Alarm Security System

Dual Beam Ir Intruder Detector Burglar Alarm Security System

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Navkar Systems Dual Beam IR Intruder Detector is a comprehensive burglar alarm security system designed to protect your property. Featuring dual beams for enhanced accuracy, it efficiently detects intrusions across wide areas. The system's advanced infrared technology ensures reliable detection while minimizing false alarms. This system is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use, providing an effective solution for safeguarding your home or business. With easy installation and a durable design, it offers dependable security against unauthorized access and intrusions.


  1. Dual Beam Detection: Equipped with two beams, this system offers higher accuracy in detecting intrusions across larger areas.

  2. Advanced Infrared Technology: Utilizes sophisticated infrared technology to ensure accurate detection while minimizing false alarms caused by environmental factors.

  3. Indoor and Outdoor Use: Designed for versatility, it can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing comprehensive security coverage for various settings.

  4. Reliable Security: Offers robust protection against unauthorized access and intrusions, enhancing the overall security of your property.

  5. Easy Installation: Designed for user-friendly setup, the system is easy to install, making it a convenient choice for enhancing your security measures.

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