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Navkar Systems

Plastic Wired Mini Dc 12v Horn Siren

Plastic Wired Mini Dc 12v Horn Siren

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"NAVKAR SYSTEMS Plastic Wired Mini DC 12V Horn Siren" is a compact and powerful alarm device designed for various security applications. Operating at 12V DC, it emits a loud siren sound that serves as an effective deterrent against intruders. Its compact size and easy installation make it suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Constructed from durable plastic, this horn siren is an essential component of any security system, enhancing safety and alerting you to potential threats.


  1. Compact Design: The mini size of the siren allows easy installation in various spaces without compromising on its loud and effective sound output.

  2. 12V DC Operation: Designed to work with a 12V DC power source, making it compatible with a wide range of security systems and power supplies.

  3. Loud Horn Sound: Despite its size, the siren produces a powerful and attention-grabbing horn sound, alerting occupants and deterring potential intruders.

  4. Durable Construction: Made from sturdy plastic material, the siren is built to withstand environmental factors and continue functioning reliably over time.

  5. Wired Connection: The siren is designed for easy wiring and connection to security systems, ensuring seamless integration into your existing setup for enhanced safety.

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