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Navkar Systems Tuya WiFi Door Sensor

Navkar Systems Tuya WiFi Door Sensor

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Tuya WiFi Door Sensor is a smart and innovative device designed to enhance home security. With its wireless connectivity and compatibility with the Tuya smart platform, it provides real-time monitoring of door status. When connected to a smartphone app, it alerts users instantly about any unauthorized entry or exit. The compact and easy-to-install design makes it suitable for various types of doors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your home is protected with the Tuya WiFi Door Sensor's reliable intrusion detection capabilities.


  • [Enjoy Your Smart Life] After connecting with the Navkar Systems Hub, when you leave home, it will push notification message to you when the door/window opens, so you can discover the intruder in time.
  • You could share the device to your family members and track the history of sensor activities.
  • Simply attach one piece to your door or window, and attach the other piece to the door or window frame with double-sided adhesive tape or screws in just a few steps.
  • energy-saving and money-saving.

Details: Our door sensor works greatly! It's easy to install and use after connecting with the Navkar Systems Tuya gateway Hub! It is Tuya wifi remote-control. Leads you to a smart life! Super low energy consumption, low battery alert. Powered by 2 LR03 batteries, energy-saving and money-saving.

  1. Wireless Connectivity: The Tuya WiFi Door Sensor offers hassle-free installation with wireless connectivity, eliminating the need for complex wiring.

  2. Real-time Notifications: Receive instant alerts on your smartphone whenever the door is opened or closed, ensuring you're always aware of activity at your home.

  3. Smart Integration: Compatible with the Tuya smart platform, the sensor can be easily integrated into your smart home ecosystem for seamless control and monitoring.

  4. Easy Installation: The compact and user-friendly design allows for quick and straightforward installation on various types of doors.

  5. Enhanced Security: With its reliable intrusion detection capabilities, the Tuya WiFi Door Sensor adds an extra layer of security to your home, helping you keep your property and loved ones safe.

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