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Navkar Systems

Wireless Plunger Shutter Sensor Box Body 433 Mhz

Wireless Plunger Shutter Sensor Box Body 433 Mhz

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"NAVKAR SYSTEMS WIRELESS SHUTTER SENSOR BOX BODY" is a versatile security solution. Designed to fit seamlessly with your premises, this wireless sensor offers dependable protection for doors and windows. Its compact design makes it inconspicuous, yet its impact is powerful. Detecting any unauthorized access, it sends timely alerts to your security system. With easy installation and robust performance, it's an essential addition to your security setup, providing peace of mind and safeguarding your premises effectively.


  1. Efficient Protection: The wireless shutter sensor box body is designed to provide comprehensive security for doors and windows, effectively guarding your premises against unauthorized access.

  2. Wireless Connectivity: This sensor operates wirelessly, eliminating the need for complex wiring and ensuring seamless integration with your existing security system.

  3. Compact Design: With its compact and discreet design, the sensor box body can be easily installed without being obtrusive, maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

  4. Timely Alerts: The sensor is equipped to detect any tampering or intrusion, instantly sending alerts to your security system or control panel for prompt action.

  5. Easy Installation: Installing the sensor is hassle-free, requiring minimal effort. Its user-friendly design makes it suitable for both residential and commercial settings, enhancing security with simplicity.

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