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Navkar Systems

Wireless Vibration Sensor

Wireless Vibration Sensor

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Navkar Systems Wireless Vibration Sensor is an essential component of your security setup. Designed to detect vibrations and movement, this sensor is ideal for protecting doors, windows, and other vulnerable entry points. It wirelessly communicates with your security system, instantly notifying you of any unusual activity. With easy installation and adjustable sensitivity, it ensures comprehensive coverage. Safeguard your premises with the Navkar Systems Wireless Vibration Sensor, enhancing your security measures and providing safety.


  1. Vibration Detection: The sensor is highly sensitive to vibrations and movements, effectively detecting any tampering or unauthorized access to doors and windows.

  2. Wireless Connectivity: It operates wirelessly, easily connecting to your existing security system, allowing for convenient installation without the need for complex wiring.

  3. Adjustable Sensitivity: You can customize the sensor's sensitivity level to suit your specific security needs, ensuring accurate detection and minimizing false alarms.

  4. Instant Notifications: Once triggered, the sensor sends immediate notifications to your security system or mobile device, alerting you to any potential breaches in real-time.

  5. Versatile Application: Suitable for both residential and commercial settings, the sensor offers versatile protection for various entry points, enhancing overall security measures.

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