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Realtime T61f Face With Fingerprint Professional Access Control System

Realtime T61f Face With Fingerprint Professional Access Control System

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Realtime t61f face with fingerprint professional access control system is a solution designed to provide advanced security and access control. With its combination of facial recognition and fingerprint technology, this system offers a highly accurate and reliable way to manage access for authorized personnel. Its professional-grade features ensure efficient access management, while the user-friendly interface makes operation straightforward. Whether for corporate offices, industrial facilities, or other settings, the t61f system enhances security and access control with its advanced biometric capabilities.


Face Capacity 500
Fingerprint Capacity 3000
Card Capacity 1000
Password Capacity 1000
Max Attendance Log 200,000
Management log 10000
Identify mode Face, Fingerprint, Card, password
Lock Control Yes
Camera Two high definition Camera
Language Multi Language Support
Display 3" LCD
Communication TCP/IP, USB Disk, Wifi(optional)
U-disk Supported
Audio Output Voice Interface
Working Voltage DC 12V, 1Amp
Power Management Sleep Mode





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